World Youth Wave (WYW) is a youth, non-profit, and non-governmental organization, established in 2005 with the idea of connecting young people on the local and global level, through their cooperation and development. World Youth Wave encourages young people to learn and develop themselves, spread knowledge and experiences, and contribute to society. The main idea of the organization is giving young people an opportunity to reach their potential by expressing their beliefs and ideas, while associating with their peers on the local and global level through various workshops and educational content.


Our mission is to give youth the opportunity to learn about diversity and accept it, through working together on current social issues that are addressed and worked on in our multicultural workshops and festivals.


Establishing equality between different ethnic and social groups and solving all current global problems, especially those concerning young people.


ISWIB 2021

International Student Week in Belgrade (ISWiB) is a youth festival that has traditionally been held every year since 2006. in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade. The festival is open for everyone between the ages of 18 and 30 from all over the world.

sajam volonterizma

Volunteerism fair is an event which gathers young people who seek knowledge, skills and who want  to spend their time in a quality way. The aim of the fair is to familiarize people with the importance of volunteering and its benefits.

vikend mentalnog zdravlja

Mental Health Weekend is a project that World Youth Wave organized for the first time in 2020. Interactive lectures and discussions took place in the Cultural Center ‘’Stari Grad’’, where we made a big step forward –  personal and social development with our participants!


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