Mental Health Weekend is a project that World Youth Wave organized for the first time in 2020. Interactive lectures and discussions took place in the Cultural Center ‘’Stari Grad’’, where we made a big step forward –  personal and social development with our participants!

Mental Health Weekend is an event with educational character, that touched upon different aspects of mental health, but also empowered young people in self reflection, critical thinking and sensitivity about this topic.

Some of the themes that our speakers and participants processed through diverse content are: current social stigmas with Jana Oršolić, life with disability and transsexuality through the Open Book workshop with Nemanja Tadić and Matija Stefanović, then the influence of society on experience of personal identity, mental illness and stigmatization of suicide through the talk with Goran Knežević and Milica Veljković, as well as getting used to change through the conference  Step to Yourself  with our speakers Dijana Kocić, Kata Ivakić, Ksenija Roganović, Bojana Jevtović and moderator Jelena Mitić.

vikend mentalnog zdravlja



Current social problems such as life with disabilities and transgenderism, presented from the perspective of the individual in an authentic way reflect social reality as well as a critical review of where society makes a mistake.


Tribune Step for yourself, draws attention to the importance of loving yourself as the first step in mental hygiene. It brings into question what do we do for ourselves and how do we perceive our own personality and experience?


A review of the issue of mental illness, typical indicators, flows and outcomes. Empowerment in the idea to support the person who is struggling, as well as to stop stigmatizing suicide and emphasize the fact that a bright way out of depression- EXISTS!



Answers to the questions of how personal and social reality has changed, how we are dealing with new reality and what other changes are certain.


Dijana Kocic
Jelena Mitic
Kata Ivakic
Ksenija Rogatic
Bojana Jevtovic
Milica Veljkovic
Goran Knezevic
Jana Orsolic
Matija Stefanovic
Nemanja Tadic