Volunteerism fair is an event which gathers young people who seek knowledge, skills and who want  to spend their time in a quality way. The aim of the fair is to familiarize people with the importance of volunteering and its benefits, and to connect them with various youth organizations which can help them gain this kind of experience. Volunteering can make a person more mature. It develops conscientiousness and makes our self confidence better. This is why Volunteerism Fair is a great opportunity for the exchange of experience converted into successful careers through panel discussions.

The fair is held on December 5th and 6th, of which the first day (December 5th) consists of 5 blocks, through which 5 different types of volunteering are presented, and the second (December 6th) includes an interactive debate and case study.



Speakers: Nisville Jazz Festival, Museum Jugoslavije, festival Rekonstrukcija, Reflektor theatar.


Speakers: Centar Srce, EcoHub, Autonomni ženski centar, NURDOR.

Speakers: Maja Orihan,  Young Researchers of Serbia.

Speakers: Bonneappletea (Danijela) and Novosadski Volonterski Servis.

Moderators: Foundation Ana i Vlade Divac, Case study club FON, Red cross and Red Bull. 


During the activities within the Volunteerism Fair, use the opportunity to ask us via the chat option everything you are interested in about us, projects you can participate in, opportunities to volunteer and join an organization. We are here to provide you with all the answers!

We have made sure that your time, attention and interest is rewarded! During the Volunteerism Fair, you will be able to become the winner of valuable prizes, provided by our sponsors!

We invite you to participate in the Quiz on volunteering, which will be available on the site as well as a link in the biography of our Instagram profile – @sot_org, then in our Instagram prize activation called Advice that I want to give future volunteers, and to contribute to activities on which you applied for, because we have set aside prizes for project participants as well.

We wish you good luck!